Saturday, January 31, 2009

Rebecca Turns "1" and Justin turns "22"!

Oh Beccas Mommy is so silly! Becca made a haul for her first Birthday!

Lets see how many does it take to clean up the Princess after her Cake Fest!!!???

Thats our girl!!! Lovin the cake!

I think Becca is worried Gramma is going to take her cake...not sure!!!

Becca with her Buddy that lives next door!

Becca with Grnpa all dressed in her Birthday Outfit that her Auntie Melony made for her 1st Birthday Party!

Becca and her Auntie Melony!

Becca and Granpa had a lot of Bonding time at the fridge!! she helped him so much!

To Celebrate Justins Birthday we all went to none other than "Chuck O Rama"!!! (Justins choice!) We all had a great time and we were absolutly stuffed!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


We brought in the New Year with our Best Friends The Shirts, Ken ,Eileen, Bev and Bri! and we ate at our all time favorite Pizza Shoppe" Nates Pizza!' (It was wonderful!) We were fortunate to have Nina with us still with Her boyfriend Tyler! and we ended the New year Rocking out to Rock Band!! What a great way to bring in the new Year, good Food, Good Friends and Family and Fun! here are all the Pics to document the ending of "08"!


Ryan, Tyler and Bry Rockin out!

Its approaching midnight can you tell???

Bryan is trying to assist bri on the drums! Bev is rocking on the Bass!

This picture is just plan scary!

Check out this lovely picture of Ryan TRYING to teach me how to play the GuitarYIKES!

Ken and Bryan working hard at the song!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Here is Miss Becca being a "goof" and running around Gramma and Granpas kitchen....she was a very busy little girl! We enjoyed EVERY SINGLE MINUTE of her! and can't wait to go visit her on her first Birthday!

Here is Becca and Granpa sharing a can of whip cream!!....Yes we are Health Frinatics at our house!!! (she thought it was pretty great)

Reading with autnie Nina

This was one of Becca's facorite places was Gramma's islnd in the kitchen, it was like her private office, she re-arranged things, put things back re-organized, all sorts of important stuff!

Woa! Crazy hair after the bath!! she is still a "Cutie Patutie"

Yeaaaa its Bath Time in Gramma's sink!!! she flooded the counters but Who Cares!! Its was great fun!

This was the most hilarious thing, Becca took the beads off of Granma's tree and thought they were just the coolest toy! So Grampa grabbed the end and he walked his little "Boo" around the kitchen! she thought that was so cool!

Here is Becca helping Gramma and Grampa do the dishes! she is deep in conversation here with Gramma!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Here you go Mel and Lee!!

Here is Nina and Tyler!! Arizona kids in the snow!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009


The night before Christmas! We had such a wonderful Christmas with Elisha, Tom and Becca, and Auntie Nina visiting!! Dad, Ryan and I all enjoyed having them!!

Becca just loved the animated dolls that were in the entry way, she stood and talked to them and pinched there noses, and then took the mans hat off and ran like crazy thinking that the man doll was going to come after her! it was hilarious!

Becca by Grandmas Candy Cane Tree!!!

Rebecca felt that Uncle Clint needed a little extra help with the drums!

We played Guitar Hero World Tour on Christmas Eve, and had a ball!! What talent we have! Clint joined us as well!

Having our Christmas Eve feast!!!

Elisha and Becca Chrstmas Eve...(Becca had a wild hair after taking the clips out!)

Ryan torturing Nina Christmas Eve!!!

Ahhhh the traditional looking over the edge photo!!! Becca said Lets Go!!!

Becca opening her stocking with her Mommy!

Christmas Morning!!

Here is Becca modeling some of her new clothes that she got for Christmas!..also tasting a tag while she is at it!!

Becca fixing Granpa's hair!!Christmas morning!