Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

To start off on the 30th Todd and Bry hit the Slopes and had a Great Day of skiing at Scweitzer!

After all of the Boys returned from there snowmobiling trip and having the accident with the Snowmobiles flying off of the trailer.......(fortunatly no one was hurt as they were sliding sideways down the road..thank heavens for Big Boulders to stop them!) YIKES! We met the Shirts Family at the traditional Nates Pizza! and some Awsome Pizza!! We had Justins friend from Arizona with us...he was in Awe of the size of the Pizza!!
Ken and Bry discussing the Days Events!

Can we say BIG PIZZA!

After Nates we came back to the house to play some rousing games of Pit and Hot Dice! Here we are toasting to a Fantastic New Year!!
Isn't he cute....
Ken REALLY got into the Game!!
Eileen and Bev......They are so Cute!
Trevor ( Before he got his hair Cut!)
Bry and I Toasting in the New Year!

Here is a Sideshot of Mel and Baby Dame! Little Girl took a growing spell!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas in St.George

For Christmas this year the Hillstead gang headed to St. George to have Christmas with Elisha, Tom and Becca. Joel and Rosemary also came up from Arizona with Tyler and Nina. We had a wonderful time watching movies, going hiking, playing with Becca and of course eating a ton.A typical holiday tradition:
Our little Bo:
Grandpa and Bo playing with her toys:
She LOVED uncle Justin (aka Sully):
The gang at Tuacon:
And of course we had to get pictures with Santa, he was so much cooler once he gave her a candy cane:
Papa and Bo:
The Live Nativity at Tuacon. Becca was enthralled with the real camel and donkey. Everyone was silent during the play and she kept saying "ooooooooooohhhhh!"
Tuacon was all lit up for Christmas, where is the gang:
Auntie Nina did Bo's hair. Here is a shot of her pop eye smile:
Christmas Eve Dinner. Steak and Crab. Yummy!!!
We got a great deal on these fabulous shirts, only Mel is missing from the gang:
Christmas Eve:
Bo had to chip in and tell her version of the Night Before Christmas with Grandpa:
Getting all of Becca's presents set up for Christmas morning. She LOVED her lady bug tent!
Becca getting her Christmas Presents:
Bry and I gave her a doll set with a stroller, high chair, and bassinet. She thought they were for her to sit in and learned after they collapsed that they were for her doll.
Grandma and Grandpa Hillstead opening their presents:
Lee had to open up most of Becca's presents because she was so overwhelmed with all her new toys:
Grandma and Becca hiding out in the new tent:
The girls prepping for Christmas dinner in the Christmas aprons:
Becca helping out in the kitchen. Funny thing is that we have the same picture of Nina doing the same thing when she was about Becca's age.

Off to Grandma's House We Go

For our Christmas present from Tom and Elisha they gave us a night at my grandma's house, which is now a bed and breakfast ran by my cousin Judy in Cedar City, Utah. Here we are outside her house:Here is my grandma's bed:
Here is our little Becca...always the center of attention.
Becca and the Girls:
Bryan with my cousins David and Carol Jean (who use to babysit me when I was little.)
The next morning we woke up to a fabulous breakfast that Judy made us:
My grandma's initials are still on the house!