Monday, August 31, 2009

Catching up on Summer events!

We drove Justin to Boise in one day, got him settled and got him food, check out the nice place he is living in!!! Quite different from my Ricks College Days!!! We drove home the next day....Man that is one long drive!!!! Justin has already had his first week in school and loves it!

Ry Guys 25th Birthday!! We went to the WHite House Grill and got all Garliced Out!! and then came home for some awsome German Chocolate cake! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DINO RIDER!!

Working the Street Fair in Coeur D Alene, with Melony and her Mother in Law Evelyn!! It was lots of fun...but the 100 Degree Heat was a bit much!! we were all melting! Melony and Evelyn did very well on there sales!!