Sunday, June 15, 2008


Here is Christina and Mom, goofing off!

Christina is doing fantastic, she is in her final year at Arizona State University, and will graduate with her Masters next Spring in International Education along with teaching second grade for her 4th year! she is amazing! Her plans are to integrate her bi-lingual program into various schools throughout the U.S.

Nina is busy this Summer playing and she will be working a Temp job for a month until she has to report back to school!
Here is a picture of Justin and Nina going to church! they had a great visit as did we, when she flew home to sisit for a week!



I am sooooo glad I get to talk to you again and see how life is! yeah!

love ya

Melony and Todd said...

You guys are too cute, I am going to add you to my friends and family section when I get home. I will call you tonight and show you how to add music! Love ya,

Elisha said...

Yay, after all of my begging you did it on your own. The blog looks great. Good job Mom!!! We are so excited to see you tomorrow.

liv2dnc said...

I am so sad that we haven't kept in touch with each other better! Vienna still asks about "auntie Joan" You sure were good to us when we lived up there! Hopefully these blogs will help us feel a little closer! Your grandbaby is absolutely gorgeous! You are lovin' that I'm sure. It's good to see your family. We miss you guys. When is your next visit down here??
Love, Lori