Monday, June 23, 2008

The cute Family!

Pics of Grandma and Grandpa with there Favorite Grandaughter!

This was a wonderful weekend we had with Tom Elisha and Becca! good times, even in the 106 Degree heat! Gramma loved it....Grampa....not so much!

Our Trip to St. George in June!

Here is little miss Rebecca at 5months old, she was so much fun for Grandma and grandpa to play with!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Here is Christina and Mom, goofing off!

Christina is doing fantastic, she is in her final year at Arizona State University, and will graduate with her Masters next Spring in International Education along with teaching second grade for her 4th year! she is amazing! Her plans are to integrate her bi-lingual program into various schools throughout the U.S.

Nina is busy this Summer playing and she will be working a Temp job for a month until she has to report back to school!
Here is a picture of Justin and Nina going to church! they had a great visit as did we, when she flew home to sisit for a week!

Tom and Elisha!

Tom is a Lawyer in St. George and has been at his law firm for 2 years, and Elisha works as a paralegal for another law firm, they are in the process of building a beautiful home, and are doing very well with there new little daughter Rebecca!

Mel and Todd!

Her is Mel and Todd on their anniversery and at Christmas time!
They are living in Ontario Oregon until August and then they will leave for Spain, where Todd will be attending school and Mel will be a professional tourist! they will come back to the states in December! and then back to Malibu where Todd will finish his Masters degree in international Business at Pepperdine!

Christina and Ryan at one of our favorite resteraunts!

Here are some Random Family Photos!

Here is a great pictue of Christina, Joan, Melony and Elisha (Becca is in her tummy) when we arrived in New York City last Summer! It was a blast! we arrived in a limo......we felt so important!

And here is Justin

Here is Justin with his favorite niece Rebecca! Justin is home for the Summer and has been attending school at Eastern Arizona College, He is planning to attend school in Utah this Fall, and Major in Business management, Justin is a real IT guru, and is working this Summer at Millwood in Spokane.
Justin is one tall drink of water at 6ft 7in.! Here he is with Melony....he seems to dwarf everyone!

Whats Going on with Ryan and Justin???!!!

Ryan is finishing his 4th year in college at Eastern Washington University, and will graduate this Fall with his Bachelors in History and Minor in Government, he then plans to attend one of th eUniversities in Arizona to get his Masters.

This is what Ryan loves to do when he isn't working or going to school!He is also quite and accomplished Wake Boarder!

The Princess Has arrived! January 17th 2008

Grandpa taking a nap with little Becca!

Here is the most beautiful bundle of joy! she weighed 8 lbs and 4 ozs. 19 inches long.(which we think was a mistake) she was much longer! But Elisha and Tom went through the delivery very well, what wonderful parents they are, I was so fortunate to be there, and Grandpa and Uncle Todd and Auntie Melony drove all the way from California to be with the new family!

She is so Beautiful....perfect in every way!

Awaiting the arrival of Rebecca!

Here is Elisha, beautiful as always! with 2 months more to go berfore Rebeccas arrival! Here is Elisha and Tom at Christmas time 1 month away from Rebecca's arrival!

Lead Foot Nina!

Couldn't resist this one here is Bry digging "Lead Foot Nina" out of an embankment!!

Bryan taking Melony and Nina on a ride Christmas Day!

Going the opposite direction of the Moose Family!!

Here is Nina and Mel, doing the "Pose" in there gear!

Snowmobile Time!!!

Here is Bryan and I on our Maiden Voyage on our sleds! We had a blast.....except when Joan wiped out right in front of the warming hut......Nothing was hurt but the Pride!! It was so wonderful to have the hut full of people to watch the wonderful event!....good grief!!! I have to keep telling myself "the clutch is my frien, the clutch is my friend!" Bry was a pro of course!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mom and Dad Going to the Christmas Gala!

This is Joan and Bryan getting ready to go to a Christmas Gala at the Davenport Hotel this past December, it was wonderful!

Bryan and Joan with there friends George and Tracie

What a wonderful evening this was at the Davenport Hotel in Spokane!